Pictures on side legs

I really would like to see a toggle switch to allow pictures to be taken on side legs.

I fly long flights that push the bird as far as battery time goes - and I tend to avoid doing multiple battery flights.

I have found that because of the lack of photos on the side legs, there are not enough tie points for the processing image to stitch pictures together and as a result I have blank spots where there should be something.

Ok - everyone is going to jump down my throat and say “just extend your flight footprint”. Sure, this is an option but then I am increasing flight time and getting into the multiple battery flights which I am trying to avoid.

It costs no extra having the bird take photos on the side legs. I know this because it USED to do it in the past with no impact on the battery. And my ortho results were miles better as a result.

Anyone agree with me or should I bite the bullet and delve into multiple battery flights ?

I understand why you want this to be turned back on or to provide a toggle. At the moment this adds an additional 15-25% of photos which take longer to upload, to process, etc. so for most users it just makes the whole process slower.

There is a possibility more advanced things like this could be in a separate app market app, but for the short term I don’t think there is a plan to add this back in.

Thanks for the feedback Chase

What are you flying? I am getting photos on side legs with my I1. Why are you avoiding multi battery flights?

Flying a phantom 4 Pro. I tried multiple battery flights on previous versions and always found it a bit hit and miss so prefer to do a single flight. That may have changed of course - I guess experience has made me a bit nervous of them.

By saying side-legs are referring to the turns at the end of each leg? I do get shots here with my setup, but would recommend inspecting those photos before uploading them as there can be swirl associated with the picture being taken at the time of the drone rotation. I do believe that at least one image overlap on your perimeter is the best practice. I wish I could turn off photos in the turns.

No, After the turns - lines in red below.

We are talking about the same thing then. Many times I have had to get rid of these point, especially when the turn is more than 90deg…

Older drones such as phantom 3 and inspire 1 don’t provide us the ability to reliably start and stop the camera during the mission so some users still see these. For all newer drones they are removed.

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Cool, thanks Chase! Same on the Matrice 100?

Matrice 100 uses a similar firmware to the inspire 1 so it should have side legs.

Got it, thank you Mark.