Photos taken during turns - useful or overhead?

Hi, just completed a successful mission with a Mavic Pro over a 24 ha area, with 75/65% overlap at 75m altitude. Pre-flight I had estimated around 210 photos would be taken. When I landed, 529 photos had been taken. Photos from and to homepoint can be deleted so that will reduce numbers a bit. But what about photos taken during the 180 deg turns the aircraft makes to go from one straight line to the other? I guess there may be about 5 photos for every turn, so this adds up quickly. As it all adds up to upload and processing times, my question is, are these photos useful and do they help the quality of the final result, or is it better to filter the set and just upload photos taken in-line with the straight (green) flight lines that make up the mission?

It depends on the quality/resolution you want to end up with on your map. For future reference:

I’m aware of the option to upload lower quality images, faster, but don’t see how that is relevant. As I understand, the mission is planned on the basis of multiple straight lines which are spaced to give the required side overlap. This means that the aircraft could theoretically take photos from start to end of each straight line, then stop photographing until it is aligned for the next straight line, and start photographing again. In this way I should get the quality map I’m aiming for, including edges. What the Mavic does in practice is take about 3-4 extra photos while it is turning around smoothly at the end of a straight line, to the next. Out of the total 530 odd photos, about 50 were taken between the home point and mission starting point, and about 60 during the turns. I dont’t think these photos would add to the quality of the map, so I have filtered them out manually, before uploading the remaining 420 which is almost done now. Is the taking of photos during turns something that happens with all aircraft, or is it a Mavic thing? Is it possible to make the software more efficient in regard to the number of photos taken, i.e. have the aircraft only take photos when it is flying the straight lines?

Hi RobK

You’re right we don’t think the images really contibute to the quality of the map. We’ve been looking into reducing the number of images - it would be better to be able to upload and process fewer images!

Yes, correct, a 20% ovehead is a bit rich. Also, the task of manually filtering them is a bit tricky and time consuming.

Yeah - definitely. We’ll be looking into improving this.

Thanks for the great info, I’m a newbie and still looking of possibilities, Thanks.

My P4P doesn’t take pictures in turns any more. At least for the last several months.