Photos stopped during mission


I was mid mission today, approximately half way through and 10 photos in, when the gimbal returned to its starting angle and stopped taking photos. The drone continued on the planned route and the mission completed, but I only have photos of the first half.

Any ideas why the photos stopped recording?



I don´t suppose anyone has any advice for me reference my above post?

Many Thanks.

SD card formatted correctly?

The SD card is as per the factory set up. Works perfectly for DJI GO. I have since cleared the card but I am confident it wasn´t too full during the mission.
What do I need to do to check the formatting is correct, and how should the card be formatted?

once you connect in DJI Go, on the right side of the screen, under the large white button, are the camera settings. Press this. Along the top of the screen now are three options, aperture/shutter speed, photo (looks like a camera), and finally settings (the gear wheel). Press the gear wheel and scroll to the bottom - where it says Format SD Card. ENSURE you have all previous data downloaded before pressing this as it will erase the card!!
If this doesn’t work, and if you’ve flown successful missions in the past, the only other thing I can think of is erase the DroneDeploy and re-loading it to your device.

Always format the disk via the DJI Go app and not your computer. The formatting needs to be a specific format, which is handled via the DJI app. In addition, you should scheck the disk prior to leaving a project juat in case you need a do-over. You can read the disk in the drone through the DJI Go app. Just go to the editor and click on-board memory.

@northarrow @dragonflyAS
Thanks for the advice.
I have now formatted the card via the DJI GO app, but cleared the card prior to doing this. Do I need to do this before every mission? I have quite a large memory on the card, however does it have to be completely clear before every mission also?

No, just know that it starts new folders once you get over a certain amount of photos.

Has this been resolved? I had this issue today flying.

Or has anyone figured out what causes this?

I got 2/3rds through my mission and then the photos just stopped.