When using the flight plan does this automatically take the shots. Also how do you change the start/home point. Thanks

DroneDeploy does take the picture during the flight if that is what you are asking. You can change the start point only from one end of the flight or other by rotating the flight direction. If you have the most efficient pattern, usually running parallel with the long side of the perimeter, the you can rotate 180 degrees to have it start on the opposite side. I like to set the start point away from me so that it is travelling towards me as it completes the mission. You can also start at any of the waypoints, but it doesn’t wrap around to get the ones you skipped.

Thank for that Michael. Do you see DD app being available on crystal sky any time soon?

I know that’s been a topic of discussion several times, but I don’t work for DroneDeploy so I’m not sure where they are with that. I would hope so because I really want to fly a Matrice 210RTK.

Hi @NickDoyle,

Just chiming in here to add in that we do not have any plans to support the Crystal Sky platform anytime soon since it does not come installed with Google Play or Google Play Services.


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