Photo upload linked to the wrong area

Summary of Issue:
I am using the trial version of DD to determine if it will work for our needs. Friday I was finally able to get out and take a couple flights. I did a very small test flight just to test everything out as other apps have been very glitchy. I was able to then successfully flight a pre-planned flight (Site 1). When I got back into the office to upload the photos the test flight uploaded and processed just fine but the second flight seems to have linked to another pre-planned flight (Treatment 3) which is in an entirely different area. There is a flight log associated with Site 1 but the nothing to let me upload the photos. Treatment 3 however has an upload button even though I didn’t actually fly that flight plan. How do I fix this?

Date Issue Began:
Friday Feb 3, 2018

Drone Model:
DJI Phantom 3 Pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version:
ipad air 2 ios10

DroneDeploy App Version: current one

Hello @Wendie,

I would try uploading your photos directly to the dashboard by clicking the big blue button with the “+” sign on the lower right-hand corner. This will allow you to upload your photos without having to do so in a pre-planned flight option.


I didn’t know that was an option, thanks.

Though, since I posted this the upload button has appeared on the correct flight… No idea what happened there.

I just had a thought, the other area, Treatment 3, was flown with a different app and the photos are still on the SD card I used for the Site 1 flight. Does DD recognize the geotagged photos as fitting into that area automatically?

@Wendie You are able to add more photos to an existing map. You can also upload and add additional images from a flight that was flown in a different app. As long as your images have Geotagged information, our algorithm will be able to process said images.

However, uploading two different flight images from different areas will confuse our algorithm and yield poor results. I would suggest separating your flight photos to be area specific before you upload in order to get better results.