Photo reports - cannot zoom-out far enough in explore mode

I have just uploaded some photos of small buildings that we have dotted about in a large area. Unfortunately I can’t zoom out enough in the map to get a good appreciation of what areas have photos captured. Can we increase how far we can zoom out in the ‘explore’ mode on desktop?

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I’m thinking I don’t quite understand what’s happening. I can zoom out even further until I see the global map.

This is as far as I can go and the zoom-out / minus sign becomes greyed out.

Is this on a computer or mobile?

On a computer/desktop mode

Definitely something wrong with that. I assume you are using the wheel as well?

Yeah my default is using the mouse wheel and the greyed out zoom-out button highlights that I can’t actually go any further.

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Hi @meschenbruch, I have added you to a list which will allow you to zoom out as far as you like.

We added that limit as people were mistakenly zooming out to space and losing their place.


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