Photo cache on DJI

Hi there,
Does anyone know how to retrieve photos from the DJI crystal sky monitor. I carried out a survey flight and took over 700 shots however only 198 shots were captured on the SD card the full 700 were stored in the cache, I can view them but I can’t copy or move them… any clues?


Hi @NickDoyle,

We currently don’t support the DJI Crystal Monitor so I’m afraid we won’t be able to share a workaround or troubleshoot the issue here.


Thanks Christina.
I have managed to retrieve the images I took but when I try to upload to DD this statement appears,

Image Location Data

755 images of 951 with invalid geographical metadata removed. This may affect the quality of your map, however you may still continue.

what does this mean?



Hello @NickDoyle Our processing requires that the images be uploaded with Geotagged data. I would make sure your images have Geotagged data and uploaded correctly by either uploading your image set to the flight plan or directly to the dashboard by clicking on the Blue + Button.

@NickDoyle In addition to the geo-tagging, I would suspect that the images on the CS are low-resolution copies and would not provide a very good ortho even if they are geotagged. Better to investigate why the images are not recording on the SD card.

Thanks for that Dave. This is also something that DJI have suggested (ie inserting a different card and doing the survey again).