Photo Aspect Ratios

Pessoal, estou com uma dúvida. Por qual razão as fotos no drone deploy ficam 4x3 (quadradas) e não 16x9 pra abranger uma área maior. Sabem me dizer se tem algum jeito de resolver?

Hi @Ale_Iskandar, welcome. While a 16:9 image is wider on X than a 4:3 it is not as high in Y so you have to run slower to get as much front lap. The other thing is that the further to the edge of the photo you get the more you are at an oblique angle and the more out of focus the objects are. Most people are interested in the 3:2 aspect ratio as it is the full frame, but DroneDeploy experienced some issue with it in the beginning and decided that 4:3 worked the best for reconstruction.