Phantom 4Pro+ v2

Does anyone have experience running the Phantom 4Pro+ v2 with DroneDeploy? Good / bad / otherwise? Is it even compatible? I’m cautiously debating pulling the trigger on one of these, so any feedback will be helpful.

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Hi @northarrow, any drone that utilizes the Crystal Sky controller (which I believe the Pro+ does) would be incompatible for flight through DroneDeploy’s flight app. The app requires either an iOS or Android Device with a Standard RC controller to run.

You can find a list of drones supported for flight here

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You can always get a standard controller.

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I’ve been very happy with Phantom 4 + V2 with Drone Deploy for ag analysis, mapping, elevations, stand counts, 3d models, etc. Ian is right, need drone + controller + iOS (I use a Mini) + DD. Map and analyze on PC, transfer to/from the Mini for flying and in flight maps.


Thanks for the info. I will do some more research on this-- as for the Mini your are using, I should be able to use my wife’s… :wink:

Our use is mainly volumetric surveys and some recon-type flights and I still use my trust little Mavic Air every now and again, but the Company is looking to replace the aging (and damaged) Matrice100.

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Be sure to consider your accuracy requirements.
Stockpile measurements dont need any further gear, neither does basic mapping but if you want to map anything remotely accurate with cut and fill, absolute accuracy, you’ll need to get an Emlid RS2 survey kit and use GCPs. If this is the case, it might be worth skipping the basic P4PV2 and get the RTK P4.
I run a P4PV2 (no +) and its great. highly recommend it with drone deploy. But Drone deploy pricing is tricky the put business functionality in the enterprise tier (cut and fill).

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Good points. The one thing that I would think about though is that this might work for some clients but in construction it is quickly becoming more of a case with matching the CAD file at least horizontally. That means that you need to be on the same CRS as the contractor so you need at least 4 GCP’s encompassing the site. They might not be interested in the progress volumes but they will probably be interested in repeatable horizontal and the ability to bring it into a CAD file or at least a persistent overlay. If you haven’t experienced this yet in Architecture, Engineering or Construction (AEC) you soon will.

Northarrow, I have flown over 400 missions at a major airport construction site for 2 top 5 construction companies. It is a beast and a very reliable aircraft. Ortho mapping with GCPs, Site videos, volumetrics, inspections. I own two and alternate them. In four years: no fly aways, no battery failures, stable in windy conditions, handles the environment well. Sold my Inspire 2 and let these two just be the workhorses. iPad Mini, IOS, standard controller, Firehouse 1000 lumen strobes, Drone Deploy, Fly Litchi.


Thanks, ChiefPilot. That’s what I was hoping to hear. Now I just have to find one…