Phantom 4 RTK

Michael, how many acres with 3 GCP’s?

Depends on the actual experienced accuracy of the RTK, but if it does what I think then 3 or 4 could probably get close to 40ac. Would depend a little on the shape of the site to so that they are spaced evenly. I currently do 10-15 on 50ac sites.

There is confusion about the pricing. I have been quoted $7500 US for the combo which aligns with posted pricing in Europe. Note that this example of 7.800,00 € includes 19% VAT that will not be added in the US.

Time will sort it out.

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@Dave Thanks for this. Mine was with tax and shipping, but I have yet to hear back from DJI on my preorder. I am also working with Emlid to see if one of my receivers can be used instead of their base to cut the cost, but I fear it’s probably a proprietary connect and would probably be better to run it over OccuSync anyway.

@MichaelL I am anxious to see some real user reports of how the P4 RTK performs so I look forward to your and other’s reviews. Geo Cue (the manufacturer of the Loki system) has said they have 2 on order to test as well.

I figure if anything it will cut about 30% of my gcps that I put down just for accuracy when I don’t absolutely need them. Some sites I need 2 cm accuracy and some are 5 to 10, but I still have to put down the GCPs to ensure that. Being able to gather more accurate camera locations and using the calibrate elevation tool will pay for itself pretty quickly even if it doesn’t do what I hope it does.

Hi MichaeIL
did you have try reach rs or rs+ as base to connect with P4RTK via NTRIP?

I don’t have the P4RTK yet, but have built a P4 with the Emlid Reach M+ that I am starting testing on. I plan on getting the P4RTK, but since I had a spare bird and the survey equipment I’ll try that first.

I would be interested in the flight time difference between your regular P4P and Emlid Reach M+ P4P.


Me too. I am estimating about a 15% loss in flight time so my single battery should be about 50 acres.

I am sitting here with 2 RTK drones and 1 base station. I am unable to get the drone in the air or for it to be unlocked. Has anyone had any luck in the states?

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Unable to get it to takeoff because it is a restricted area?

download updated DJI assistant from Phantom 4 RTK product page on DJI website, you can activate using that. It was the only way I could get it to activate.

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I feel as though the built-in screen won’t let me do anything.
It says I need to update software. Then I do. Then it says that the software update is not the right version.

Attached is the message I keep on getting. It did not come with a dongle, so I am unsure of how to proceed.


This is turning into a great thread! Thanks to everyone that is participating!

yup, and i still searching the complete tutorial for this thing

These may help.

great Mic…Thank You very much…

For sure! I am trying to find as much info as I can so I can hit the ground running when ours gets here.

So we’ve decided to hold off on the RTK until a few bugs have been worked out and questions have been answered. I’ve had several discussions across multiple forums over the last couple days and people are not having the experiences that they expected. Many of them feel oversold. Most of this comes from a lack of surveying and GPS knowledge. Also, I guess nowadays people just expect to pick up technology and be able to use it without reading instructions… If information I just came across means what I think it means I don’t know that I will be moving away from my Emlid PPK drone.

Read up or be surprised.