Phantom 4 RTK Setup


Can anyone assist in the setup of the Phantom 4 RTK?

Which Network Dongle to use?

Which network are you using?

Any help would be great.


How are you planning on getting corrections? Base station? CORS?


D-RTK 2 Base Station Manual PDF


I will probably use both. I have successfully connected to CORS. I am waiting on the base station. The dongle for the base station is still a mystery. What is DJI approved and where can you get them in the U.S. ?


Page 5 on the manual. “Officially” supported and you can find plenty on Google. You will still need a SIM. I would be willing to bet Verizon or Sprint would work, but probably not AT&T or T-Mobile per the specs on the ZTE. I think Verizon only has one model of USB dongle remaining.



The problem is the dimensions are not correct. I found an at@t unit but it would not fit the compartment in the remote. Most of the dongles you find on google are the type that the usb connector flips out, making it too long.

I cannot find the ZTE MF833V in the country.