Phantom 4 RTK Setup

Can anyone assist in the setup of the Phantom 4 RTK?

Which Network Dongle to use?

Which network are you using?

Any help would be great.

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How are you planning on getting corrections? Base station? CORS?

D-RTK 2 Base Station Manual PDF

I will probably use both. I have successfully connected to CORS. I am waiting on the base station. The dongle for the base station is still a mystery. What is DJI approved and where can you get them in the U.S. ?

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Page 5 on the manual. “Officially” supported and you can find plenty on Google. You will still need a SIM. I would be willing to bet Verizon or Sprint would work, but probably not AT&T or T-Mobile per the specs on the ZTE. I think Verizon only has one model of USB dongle remaining.


The problem is the dimensions are not correct. I found an at@t unit but it would not fit the compartment in the remote. Most of the dongles you find on google are the type that the usb connector flips out, making it too long.

I cannot find the ZTE MF833V in the country.

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Does anyones base station and connecting pole not line up? It seems as if one thread is metric and one standard.??? Also no dongle, anyone able to use it without a dongle?

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I connected over my wifi today, but previous attempts were unsuccessful, The only difference is that I did connect using my dongle and then took it out and tried to connect to the wifi and it worked. Here are some screen shots on my facebook page

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Hi rus,
did the dji drtk base and rc only connect via gsm signal?
do you plug the modem/dongle to each unit? (rc and dji drtk base)

I used the dongle in the DRTK base and then you link the base to the Phantom 4R. If you don’t have a base station, you can use a dongle in the rc or a wifi connection.


Hi rus,
so what is the dongle for when its plug on drtk base? is that to connect to internet?
i am still confused, sorry for asking too much,
or any dji guys can give us complete explanation?

The dongle is used to connect to the internet. It uses a cellular sim card. I am using the dongle to connect to the internet where my local cors (RTK) network information is provided. No problem.

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Here is my facebook page. I have a few pictures of my remotes screen.

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ok, this is what i got from my understanding (please correct me if this is wrong) :

  1. you plug dongle on drtk base and connect to CORS, to you get your base accurate position (x,y,z,)
  2. you disconnect the base from CORS
  3. you input the the accurate x,y,z to your base point,
  4. you connect the base to rc via wifi
  5. and when the rc connect it will broadcast correction to drone via occusync?

Send me an email at

Can you confirm that in the D RTK 2, do you need to enter the antenna height when you set up, as per a normal GPS set up? Cannot see any reference in the instruction manual.

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Sometimes it’s easier to read the manual.

First thing I am going to do is get rid of the tripod and tribrach. So 1990’s… Rover (prism) pole with a tripod adapter for me.

Adam, I am having the same issue. Have you resolved this problem?


How do you know that the base station is connected to CORS?