Phantom 4 RTK and Base station

I am looking into buying a Phantom 4 RTK and wonder if I should purchase with it, the DJI D-RTK 2 Mobile Station, or if I should invest in a 3rd party GNSS Base Station. If so which GNSS Base Station would be a good choice? Thanks for your help.

I would ditch the D-RTK 2 and get an Emlid RS2. You’ll end up at about the same cost and the RS2 is much more robust. If you have CORS service in your area that you can access via NTRIP then you can set GCP’s as well. Most places have free service of some sort. The D-RTK 2 is junk as a rover.

I would highly recommend continuing to set 4-6 GCP’s, but your scenario may not require it. If you are going to the trouble to purchase a P4RTK I am betting so though. Alternatively if you have a good CORS service and don’t want to use GCP’s you could probably link the P4RTK directly to the CORS.

Hello Michael, thanks for input, I really appreciate your information.

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Hello Michael, it turns out that I bought a use Phantom 4RTK together with a D-RTK 2 pole as it was a good deal. You mentioned using a CORS service, so the question is do I still need GCP using CORS and if so can I create them using the D-RTK 2 pole, there is not much information around regarding this so I appreciate your help, many thanks.

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A service via NTRIP is required for the system to function fully as designed. This includes using the D-RTK 2 as a rover to collect the GCP’s.Without that the closest you’re going to get is to have a known point on site every time that you can set the D-RTK 2 on.

It is really more about what exactly you need to do with the system. This will also determine on whether or not GCP’s are necessary but I can only think of a handful of reasons that they wouldn’t be the best course of action.