Phantom 4 Pro

Come back from vacations please Chase! Hahaha

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We’re back and we are pushing out a version. It’s going through testing along with a few other small improvements. The P4 Pro gives us a better way to capture images which should be much more reliable.

Grate! Chase, don’t forget asap notice to us the new version!
Thanks Chase!

Ready to try once it’s out LOL

Haha it’s true, but I have problems with my AppStore and I have to manually update, so I don’t realize at the moment

So I finally got around to doing a test flight and wanted to share the results. Everything went pretty smooth with the exception of a couple of in-flight app crashes. The app would just close mid flight, but when I relaunched the app, it would recognize there was a flight in progress. I was using an iPad Mini.

I flew at 95ft. So pretty low, but I wanted to get a lot of detail. There was distortion on the rooftop, but that was to be expected because of the low flight altitude. All in all, I’m super happy with the P4P 20mp camera! The previews below will only let you zoom in so far, but trust me, you can almost read the writing on the manhole covers on the actual images.


3d Model:

Just in case you didn’t notice, we did release P4 Pro support in the latest iOS app. Some users reported some white balance issues and we are releasing an update soon for that. Not all users see that issue as you can see in the above 3D model.

Why does it get the building so wrong? Everything else looks really good.

I was flying to low to get good overlap on the building. If I had been flying higher it would have been fine. I wasn’t concerned about the building in this particular test flight, I was more concerned with the parking lot etc.

Here was a very quick, spur if the moment first DD flight in my neighborhood.

Did lower some settings so that I could do a quick 1 battery mission and did not pre-load any shape files to get the whole areas. A couple of things that I see that have not been an issues with the Inspire 1 (some of these may be the lower overlap settings):

  1. The 3D map comes in rotated, which has never happened before.

  2. The road has bubbles that make it appear to not be relatively flat.

  3. the Elevation map seems to be disregarding the trees:

  4. I can see he better resolution in the P4Pro vs. the Inspire.

Any thoughts? I will try another today; however, I probably need to stick with the Inspire for the paid missions unless I can attribute the issues to piolt (Me :slight_smile: ) error.

The P4P will connect to the app and fly your routes…but it won’t take the actual photos. I flew the same map twice yesterday and everything went great. At the end of the route it said to download your photos of your SD card into the Drone Deploy site. When I pulled my SD card the photos were not there. I flew the same route in the DJI GS Pro and it worked perfectly. Has anyone else had the same experience?

I have not had that issue, as mine has always taken the pictures. The issue I have run into is the project timing out during processing and then getting an error message emailed to me. The two times it has happeend, the DD staff has jumped on the issue and resolved it!