Phantom 4 Pro v2

Can I do drone deploy with Phantom4 pro v2

From what I understand and have read on other forums, until the latest firmware for the P4P v2 comes out Drone Deploy will not engage/work. I learned this the hard way on a job site and I had just bought a v2 to use for the project.

Hi @albertm and @Huvver,

Correct, the Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 is not yet supported by DJI’s SDK, which is how our DroneDeploy app communicates with the drone. We are working with DJI on this! We have another thread on this topic that you can check out for more in depth answers.


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I am pretty sure it is now supported in the latest update.

DroneDeploy added support for P4P V2.0 with the app version 2.77.0.