Phantom 4 Pro + V2

I have recently purchased this unit and can’t seem to find a mapping planning app that is supported.

Is DD supported and if yes - how do I go about loading it onto the DJI Device?

DJI Pilot app? Pretty sure my M300 smart controller can run a p4pv2.
I’ve installed the pilot app on my android device and it will fly any aircraft from what I can tell but that doesn’t mean it officially supports that aircraft. I have yet to take off the p4pv1 with the pilot app but itching for a backup from DD after all the app issues.

The Plus model RC does not support 3rd party apps so you will either need to use DJI’s software or get yourself and SDK controller. The Smart Controller is not supported either. There have been some people get close with Pix4D but so far I haven’t seen any successes.

The + controller won’t work .
If you want to use 3rd party apps, you need to buy a non+ controller and use that with your Phantom.

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