Phantom 4 pro v2 mining

He text me 6000 tons. Waiting for SQ ft.

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At 20ft tall that would be about 8k sqft. Most select fill piles at quarries are kept at about a 5ft height and would be 32k sqft or 3/4 of an acre.The latter scenario would probably be best to have some sort of ground control.

That 6000 tons would be all three piles total

10-4. That doesn’t change the scenario really. $400 seems like a good price. I don’t know what your market is like but that out right generally from what I have seen. If they would consider a termed contract then you could probably give a little price break right? Do you have to drive very far? My hours include drive time but I can usually split mine up as I do them in between Chasco work.

It’s not far; about 30 minutes. I charge a minimum of 2 hours ($100 ph) on any project. Of course that changes with different scenarios. The reason for $400 is I’m paying DD per month. That helps cover the cost. As of now, this is my only project. I’m a driver for National Freight Inc. so I’m gone most of the week if not all, at times. They are allowing me to do the drone work on the weekends; they’re very flexible.


is this 1 picture or drone mapping picture?

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Mapping stockpiles for volume reporting and progress tracking.

Hey Michael… The site operator is now asking me to use GCP’s. It is my understanding these should be placed at the lowest and highest elevations and I would need no less than 5. This would be my first time using ground points. I have the second level DD. When I re-fly the mine using gcp’s, is it as simple as uploading the images including ground control points and DD “reading” the elevation coordinates? Sorry for so many questions.

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Michael… I’m looking at purchasing the Phantom RTK for the volumetric mine project with ground control points. Will I need to purchase the D-RTK High Precision GNSS or will DD read the GCP’s and give the elevation data needed without the GNSS? Thanks… John Petty

I would check to see if you have an RTK network available in your area. In that case you wouldn’t need the D-RTK 2. Even if not I would invest in an Emlid RS2 instead of the D-RTK 2 which is going to be much more accurate and dependable for collecting points and the event that you do need to start using GCP’s. For doing stockpiles I think the RTK drone on it’s own will be fine. The only exception is when someone might want a real world ground elevation then you would need to calibrate the vertical your map since it will represent the Height Above Ellipsoid.

Thank you for the information.

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Oh, and that’s an Emlid RS2. I get used to being on other forums where people recognize the name, lol.

Yes sir. I looked it up. This is a new area for me. It looks like I would set the RS2 up and it would send data to the RTK drone? Question… would I need more than one RS2 for 6-7 GCP’s or one unit cover them all?


As long as you have RTK NTRIP available both will run on the network and there’s no need for a local base. You can also setup the RS2 either as a base or rover so as long as you have internet you can cast the RS2 to the P4P RTK.

Thanks for the info Michael.


Where is the location of the pit. If its in the PNW I can help you.

Cross Hill, SC.

11163 SC-560
Cross Hill, SC 29332
United States

Hey Michael… Could I send you an invite (DroneDeploy) to look at a map I made of two stockpiles against each other? The client is wanting me to fly once a month and give a stockpile report. I need some instruction on getting the correct volume and whether or not I would need GCP’s. I used a Phantom 4 Pro
John Petty


Absolutely! I should have some time later today to take a look.

Thank you. I sent two invites. Vermiculite Test 1 and test 2. Test 1 is without 3d and test 2 is with. I have indicated the stockpiles; they are butted up against each other. Thanks again :slight_smile: