Phantom 4 pro v2.0

ok so I am wondering if I bought the wrong drone to use DD with or I am a complete idiot…

I got a p4p v2.0, the dji go app works great, I have learned how to fly this thing pretty good, but for the life of me I cannot get the DD app to see the drone, I have searched and searched, and watched video after video, all for the p4p of course, not the v2.0…

So is the v2.0 p4p even supported and working at this time?

Thanks, I am about ready to fly it out in the gulf and crash land it. lol

If its not on the list, it won’t currently work…

I am sure they will add it soon unless it takes an SDK update, then it will have to wait till DJI updates the SDK.

Well you see that is what is confusing. It is in fact a phantom 4 pro, it is just v2.0… I was thinking it might be the OccuSync system of the v2 p4p, but the Mavic Pro uses the same system and is listed as a compatible drone… the phone I am using is also on the supported list, a Samsung Note 5, however it does not have cell service on it, just a WiFi connection. Perhaps thats the problem since i saw a video somewhere in the tutorials that the device must have a cellular connection for the first time connecting the drone to DD, I just figured the WIFI connection would have been sufficient …

If the SDK does not support it, they can’t support it.

The guts of the P4P 2.0 are much different than those of the original. Different boards, chips, etc. Likely will require an update to the SDK. I doubt your issue is the Internet connection method. If it can get to the Internet over WIFI, it should be good.

Hello @rsriverrat,

We don’t currently support the Phantom 4 Pro v2.0, but we hopefully will soon!


Exchanged the P4P v2.0 for a P4 Advanced and DD atleast sees the drone now, yay…

Thanks everyone for the clarification, now to see how it Flys tomorrow evening

Any idea on a time frame to support the P4P V2.0? It is not listed in the future support for DJI models on the supported drones page. We are in need of another P4P and are seeing that most places are stocking the V2.0 (DJI only lists it on their page). Any ideas?

Hi @ggeorge,

We currently don’t have a timeline to share but we will release any updates or information we have as soon as it’s available.


I had the same issue but realized that I had both the DJI Go app and the DD app open at the same time. I closed the DJI Go app and the issue was resolved. Try that and see if it works.

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That worked for the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0? or are you using a different model?

The Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 is not yet supported by DJI’s SDK - how our DroneDeploy app communicates with the drone. Currently the P4Pv2 identifies itself as a Mavic Pro when we connect with it, and the camera does not behave correctly.

We are of course working through this with DJI, as the Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 is going to be a fantastic mapping drone once it’s up and running.

Many thanks for your patience, until resolved I suggest continuing to use the Phantom 4 Pro v1.0, or Phantom 4 Advanced as these are both proven and reliable mapping platforms.

James, Product Manager



Something new? date? I bought the P4 Pro 2.0 exclusively for a job, and I find that it does not work … I think it’s absolutely incredible how they can bring a product to market without all its applications being previously up and running.

Can you tell me at least if they are going to take less than a month? or is it to DJI who I have to ask?

Hi @Jam3,

Our hands are tied until DJI makes support for the SDK available.


Has DJI released the SDK for the Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 yet? Is there any information you can provide as to where in the process support for the V2.0 is right now?

I saw this in the DJI forums (attached)image

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I can confirm that v4.6 is on the developer website and it does have code changes to include the Phantom 4 Pro V2. The P4P 2.0 is also listed on the SDK website as supported.

@Jamespipe thank you for anything you can do to push support of the P4P 2.0.


Any news on the? some approximate term?

Thank you.

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Hi @Jam3,

DJI just released the SDK support so we will need to go through the regular process of testing it on our software and making sure everything is up to our standards before releasing it to the public. We have no date to share at this time.



how can i set it to mavic pro to fly with my flight plan