Phantom 4 Pro started climbing rather than return to home

I broke a single mission in to two flights in order to adjust the elevation, and at the end of both flights rather than stay at altitude and return to home, my phantom 4 pro just started climbing higher and higher until I took control and manually flew it home.


Phantom 4 Pro
iPhone 6/11.1

Good for you, having the initiative and taking control. What is your RTH altitude set at?

I would have to check, but it shouldn’t matter in DroneDeploy, or at least it has never mattered in the past. My flights have always ended with the drone staying at the specified flight altitude while returning to home, then descending.

RTH was set at 300m. So yes it may have been trying to climb to that altitude before returning, but again that would be the first time it has ever done that for me.

When you say “I broke a single mission in to two flights”, how did you go about this, did you hit the RTH button?

Yes, half way through a single planned mission I hit the RTH button within the DroneDeploy app, which is when it started climbing the first time. I then resumed the mission after changing the flight altitude 100 feet lower. The second time it started climbing was after the mission was complete, without me hitting the RTH button. Could it have been trying to return to the original altitude of the mission?

Hi @rnagel,

Can you provide more info about your issue?

  1. What is the make and model of your drone?
  2. What DroneDeploy app version do you have installed?
  3. What is the email address associated with your DroneDeploy account?

Keep me posted,

Return to home setting is set by the DJI Go 4 app… so this is something to check and set before each mission. Here is a checklist from @Dan0 (I added the battery setting) that should help:

In DJI G0 4
System Check ok
Compass Calibrated
Remaining SD capacity ok
Return to Home altitude set
Max Flight Altitude set
RTH Obstacle Check ON
Units- Imperial
Camera mode set (not video)
Aperture - Set to Auto, EV 0
Camera - White balance set
Exposure: center-weighted, auto
Focus - Auto-focus on object at same distance as mission AGL, set focus to manual
Camera Zoom 1.0x
Set Battery Thresholds for Return to Home (RTH)
Exit DJI Go 4

Proceed in Drone Deploy

Was the drone returning in the direction of the sun?
There have been numerous reports (outside of Dronedeploy) of Phantoms in RTH climbing because the obstacle avoidance is trying to avoid the sun.

300 metres is a very high setting for RTH and a waste of battery when you may need it.
It’s better to set RTH height appropriate for whatever obstacles could be between the drone and home + a safety factor.

It was returning in the direction of the sun, however obstacle avoidance was turned off . . .

Agreed, 300m is far too high, it was a typo mistake!