Phantom 4 Pro - No Flight Logs

Summary of Issue:
I am trying to sync flight logs from DroneDeploy; however, I am unable to do so even after uploading my images and waiting for a map to process. I still see the “No flight logs available” in the drop-down menu of the flight in my dashboard. I used an Android - LG G5 to plan and execute my flights.
Date Issue Began:
March 6/7
Drone Model:
Phantom 4 Pro
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
Android - LG G5
DroneDeploy App Version:

Hello @zachczup

Thank you for reaching out. I would try grabbing your flight logs directly from your Andriod device by connecting to a computer. Sometimes flight logs are not recorded in the DroneDeploy app due to many reasons, the most common being turning off the drone quickly after a flight has finished without allowing the drone to finish transferring its logs to your device. Please take a look at this link for more information on grabbing your flight logs from an Andriod device.


This worked beautifully, thanks!