Phantom 4 Pro lost GPS lock during mission

While mapping the mine fronts using drone deploy this morning with my new Phantom 4 Pro it lost gps lock- it aborted the mission and automatically returned to home.
I am assuming it is a hardware problem.

Hi @pauldrone,

It is likely that you encountered severe interference, which triggers a failsafe to return the drone home. This is a hardware setting for your safety and to ensure that the drone doesn’t fly away. You can, however, adjust your failsafe settings in DJI GO at your own discretion. I hope this helps!


That your Phantom could return home shows that it still had GPS satellite reception.
It’s very rare for a Phantom to lose GPS unless you fly under cover.

I’m seeing the same thing on multiple tries today. First time hardly made it to the first point. Second try it was out not quite 10 minutes. Both times came home just fine and I let it land itself. Current on all software, using iPad mini 4 current DD app

Hi @AaronBobeck,

As noted by @Stephanie above, you might have encountered severe interference which triggered the failsafe feature so the drone returns home. Can you verify that this issue persists in a different location?

Keep me posted,

I was just able to complete a 2 battery mission in the same place today. I don’t think it was interference

Hi. I have had GPS lost and Atti mode engaged a couple of times during flights with DJI GO4 recently on my P4P, which i have never struck before. It hasn’t hindered Deploy flights yet but it has struck me as strange and out of the norm. It finds a good GPS and only after take off and flying does it drop out. Recently had it away to china on warranty fix of gimble motors and cord and wondered if it was related, but maybe not.

Hi @AaronBobeck,

Interference can change all the time so it is difficult for us to pinpoint the issue unless it is consistently reproducible. Please let us know if this issue pops up again and is a repeatable issue at a different time.


Hi @Stephanie, what setting specifically do I need to change in Dji go 4 to disable this failsafe? I am unable to do any flights today because of gps lock getting lost. It just starts returning home every single time.

And it is not an interference issue. I’m flying another p4p drone from the exact same location and there is no issue!

And now I’ve lost the drone :confused:. Is there a way to recover it?

Hi @vikshut,

I recommend reaching out to DJI directly or searching the DJI Forums for the exact procedure to adjust the failsafe settings within the DJI Go app. A quick check on Google yielded these instructions from DJI Support’s Facebook group. I hope it helps you in the future.

I’m really sorry to hear you lost your drone - we’ll do our best to help you recover the logs associated with your flight to see if you can find the last known location of the drone. I’m sending you a separate email with next steps. Talk soon!


Hi @Stephanie I’m not able to get the latest flight log. Neither does Dji have it nor does drone deploy. This is just unacceptable. And given that this problem seems to be quite common now, you guys need to work with Dji to sort it out!!

Hi @vikshut,

Were you unsuccessful with downloading the locally cached flight logs from your iOS device? Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned previously, a GPS lock error indicates severe GPS interference. The way we capture flight logs is via a telemetry stream during the mission. If this stream breaks due to a poor connection, then log files will not be captured and synced to your DroneDeploy dashboard. It should, however, be available on your device unless you have recently restarted it.

I understand your frustration and loss, and I want to assure you that we take your report very seriously. I’ll let our mobile team know about your experience and see if there’s anything we can do to improve our flight logs in future iterations of the app. In the meantime, I recommend reviewing our Safety Considerations guide for more information on how your drone works to help avoid this situation again.

Best regards,

I am also consistently running into this

Antes das ultimas atualizações, funcionava tudo ok, mas quinta feira enquanto mapeava as frentes de mina usando o drone, Phantom 4 Pro, ele perdeu o sinal do GPS – e foi embora, não retorno, perdi o drone. Como fica, agora?

Hi @Sollon_Rodrigues,

I’m sorry to hear this. Please look out for an email coming your way - we’d like to help determine what happened and recover your flight logs. I’ll be in touch shortly!

Thank you,

I was having this issue a lot, turned out to be a faulty GPS module in my P4P. Sent into DJI for repair and all is well now.

Sent my P4P for an assessment at Endurance Drones in Cape Town,SA.They found the GPS module to be faulty.They replaced the GPS and OFDM modules and all seems to be running fine.

Same as my p4p, GPS flaxtuating and lock to Att mode, and its hard to control, after 5 to 10mins i change the mode to positioning mode, sport, it change nothing, lock as same Att mode, what to do?