Phantom 4 Pro GPS Warning, Pilot must take control

I just got back from a mapping mission and on this particular flight and two previous flights at a different location on a different day I receive a GPS Warning-Pilot must control the aircraft., both onscreen and audio.

After reviewing AirData Flight logs for all these flights, there were no GPS drop out and I maintained 12-16 satellites. These messages seem to have cropped up since the last DD App update. Has there been any other reports of this issue. I am flying a Phantom 4 Pro and have never had this message before? After the alert, the drone continues on course without issue.

Using the latest Ipad Mini 4.

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Only time I have seen this is when I get out of P-Mode to take control at the end of a mission.

Mentioned this functionality to them at AUVSI in April.

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Yep, it’s been around since near the beginning of 2019 and showed up out of the blue. I almost always get out of P-Mode and take control and one day it just started spouting warnings. Interesting thing is that is still says pretty much the same thing, but has changed a little since the introduction of the new flight interface. It almost - kind of makes sense now.

has anyone from DD actually addressed the issue though?

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I have reopend the original thread to follow from here out.