Phantom 4 obstacle avoidance feature

Did anyone try the phantom 4 obstacle avoidance feature with DD app? Namely, if the mapping routes to any obstacle, the Phantom 4 will activate the obstacle avoidance feature and prevent the hit?

I think obstacle avoidance is not active while you use DD.

Sorry to have missed this @Eugene, and thanks for responding @martinhaemmerli - yes, that is correct. Obstacle avoidance will not be active during a flight on the DD app.

Why DD app disable obstacle avoidance feature? I would considering using Phantom 4 for a lower attitude photography and brings a better map with the avoidance function to lower risk. Is DD having the plan to put the avoidance function compatible with DD app?

How low of an altitude are you planning to fly where obstacle avoidance would be useful? I map are 125ft and above so for me it’s just useless in the areas that I survey.

We do not disable obstacle avoidance. I don’t believe DJI’s obstacle avoidance is active when running a waypoint mission or any of the other modes.

Since RTH is with avoidance, why not waypoints mission? Are you sure the avoidance is disabled?

Mission with 80m height leads to accuracy of 4.2 cm/ pixel. I exercise the same area with 60 m height leads to 3.6 cm/ pixel. I work in construction industry and always, volume calculation is legal issue that I MUST do it as accurate as possible for defensing the challenges. See my intention for lower flights?

Also, we map mountain and valleys. If, attitude could be set to as relative to the ground flying above, the map would be exact. We DO NOT recognize the opportunities and possibilities with obstacles avoidance function.

Understood as you would need lower altitude flights for volume calculation to be accurate.

We believe this is the case due to the speed the drone travels. If avoidance is enabled it would fly much slower. You can contact DJI to determine if avoidance is enabled during a waypoint mission.

so anyone tested the obstacles avoidance since june? :slight_smile: