Phantom 4 object sensing avoidance while flying a map?

Does anyone know if the object avoidance sensor in the Phantom 4 works while flying a map? I’m very careful about selecting altitude and being aware of objects when mapping, but I wonder what would happen if the Phantom 4 flew in the path of a structure while doing the map. Would it stop? Would it change altitude?

How is the obstacle avoidance managed in the DroneDeploy software? Does DroneDeploy turn off this sensor or find some way of handling an obstacle discovered by it during the course of flying a map?

Any information would be appreciated whether based on experience or official data. I have a Phantom 3 Pro and a Phantom 4, but I have not yet flown maps with the Phantom 4.

Hi Henry,

I asked the team if there was any update from June, per this thread: Phantom 4 obstacle avoidance feature

Unfortunately, the obstacle-avoidance sensors aren’t activated for a DD mapping mission as it slows down the flight speed.

OK, thanks for letting me know.

No problem, I personally wish the obstacle-avoidance sensors didn’t impact the flight speed.