Phantom 4 batteries

Can anyone recommend any non dji batteries for a Phantom 4? Experience? Reliability? Longevity?

Just baulking at £170 for genuine batteries when you see them for £55 on AliExpress.

Appreciate anecdotal feedback.




We had good luck with ExpertPower on Amazon. Mind you that immediately voids the warranty and they would know via logs but if you are already out or don’t care then…

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Thanks for taking time to reply. Bought 2nd hand so warranty long expired!! Will investigate.


My company, and me personally, has had several catastrophic failures with 3rd party batteries of three different manufacturers, including the brand suggested by Michael, zero with OEM parts. At first, it seemed like a good decision to go with off-brand batteries, but then the failures started to mount up. It wasn’t immediately clear what was going on, but when it became apparent that there was a single common denominator, I instructed all my pilots to purge their battery collections and use DJI batteries only. We haven’t had any catastrophic failures since.

DJI batteries seem to decline slowly, while the 3rd party batteries failed suddenly and unpredictably. All of the failures with the 3rd party batteries involved complete loss of power and control without warning mid-flight, and of course a crash, often with greater than 50% left in the battery’s meter.

While it’s true that 3rd party hardware might void the warranty, I was pleasantly surprised when DJI took full responsibility for one of the crashes that happened under the warranty period without making any mention of the battery.


Echo the above, had one non DJI battery that never flew, its fit was sketchy and while a good price, decided it would only be for bench testing if even that. The DJI batteries are a bit more up front, however they tend to have long useful life which can bring their total cost of ownership down vs buying more lower cost, shorter life or sketchy batteries.


Nate thank you for taking the time to respond. Very convincing - you have reinforced my guy feel.

Final question - any source other than the dji store for these in the uk?

Much appreciated.


Authentic DJI batteries can be found on Amazon. Pay careful attention and look for the DJI logo among the other labels on the battery skin in the product pictures. The price will also be a tip-off.

Those cheaper alternatives on AliExpress might seem like a steal, but I’d tread carefully. Drone batteries are a crucial part of your setup, and you wouldn’t want any mishaps mid-flight.
You might want to explore some reputable third-party brands known for quality. Some fellow drone enthusiasts have shared positive experiences with alternatives.
Oh, by the way, if you’re looking into managing energy efficiently, ACE Battery storage solutions have been making waves in that department. As for me, it’s always good to have options.