Phantom 4 Advanced Fly Away

While flying a mission a low battery warning came on (30%), at which time I hit the RTH button. Instead of returning home, it started heading in a completely different direction. I had to chase the UAV down and land it manually. I have checked both DJI Go App and DP App, and can’t find where something went wrong. New to this, so I am sure that it is something I did, or did not do correctly. Help is greatly appreciated.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 (SM-T377A)
Android V - 6.0.1

For the DJI Return-to-Home to work properly on my DJI Phantom 4 Pro using an Android tablet, I have to first bring up DJI Go 4 and make sure the home point is set. I also check that everything else is properly set. Then I quit Go 4 and make sure the App is not it the list of active Apps, clear defaults of Go 4, disconnect and reconnect USB and then bring up DroneDeploy and fly the mission. On Apply devices you do not have to play with the USB cable to the DJI RC controller. Using this procedure I can be confident that if the DroneDeploy Return-to-Home does not work, I can push the Return-to-Home on the DJI controller to get my drone back.

Hello, @ATAUS Thank you for reaching out. A fly-away is never a fun situation to experience. I am glad you were able to land your drone safely. Could you please tell me the flight name that you experienced these issues with? I can take a look at your logs and diagnose what happened.


We have been mapping a job and the Phantom 4 disconnected from the controller.
Went back to the last “find my drone” point and it took us to the takeoff point.
Dark now and no drone, have you got any suggestion as to how to track its path after it disconnected

Hi @Iain_Macdonald,

I’m very sorry to hear your drone did not return home. We’ll do our best to help you gather your flight logs to help determine what happened. Please keep an eye out for my email to further discuss next steps.

Thank you,

Hi Stephanie,

The start point was at the top right point on the screen. The drone took of on its own mission it seems.

The track log runs out at the end of the orange line. Where could have it gone?


Hi @Iain_Macdonald,

I’m curious to know if you received my email with instructions on gathering your flight logs? We can help determine what happened and where the drone might have landed once you have your flight logs downloaded.

Please do follow-up with our team so we can streamline our communication in one place. We’re happy to assist via email.

Thank you,