Phantom 3 Pro + Android 6.01 no starting pictures

Hi guys

I created two flight plans today, the aircraft made all the waypoints but did not start capturing the photos I would like to know what must be happening.

-Create the plan using a computer.
-Update DroneDeploy on Android.
-I call the aircraft using DJI’s standard procedures.
-Exclusion applied to the aircraft and control.
-I call the aircraft now by selecting DroneDeploy I open the flight plan and start the flight plan.


Hello @SkyFlier I flow today and the drone(P3P) took all the pictures, but they were wrong color… Did you kill DJI GO before calling DD? Other option I used to do when the pictures do not start is to take a picture with the RC and then the pictures keep on shooting regularly. Good luck. Carlos.

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Hi Carlos I go test this procedure thanks