Phantom 3 Goes up 3-4 feet and Has error

I was running fine this morning and tried this afternnon to fly and the phantom 3 kept going up only 3-4 feet then the camera would go down 90 degrees and then i would get the error saying check your drone or controller. Not sure what is going on with this

Hey. We are doing takeoff a bit differently after the new DJI firmware. We are working on a fix right now and hope to have it out Tuesday. It shouldn’t happen every time, so I would try a couple times.

Unless you have the wrong firmware. You did update the aircraft to 1.04 firmware correct?

yes 1.04 is installed, i ran two missions this morning and everything worked. this afternoon i have tried several times with no luck.

If it has worked for you in the past I would say to try a few times after restarting everything. I am adding in several checks and retries to prevent this in the future.

i have restarted the apps several times and controller and phantom 3 with no luck… Ugh sorry just frustrating when it worked before.

I understand. I’m working on this issue among a few others right at this moment.

ha thanks chase, you guys are very helpful, cant wait for ios app