Perimeter shots only

Hi - Is it possible to set a perimeter flight only - I have Lite subscription. I don’t seem to have option for perimeter only. Just looking to create multiple shots around areas - I’m using Phantom 4 Pro V2
This is my first post here, hope its not a stupid question, I know I can set waypoints on Phantom but just looking to produce something different - Cheers Mark

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With enhanced 3D nadir and crosshatch cancel either out so you always get one of those with the perimeter. Unfortunately the closest to orbit that DroneDeploy currently has is the Progress Photo plan but you can only set 16 waypoints and they always point to the same point of interest. Undoubtedly we need orbit but I would also suggest region of interest where the drone is always pointed perpendicular to the face of the object.

I know this has come up several times so you might search for an existing thread to combine with or if there isn’t anything that makes sense then just change the topic to Feature Requests.

Thanks for reply Michaell. I will do another search for related posts then.

The way I do it Mark, is to plan a normal nadir flight, but then before initiating, skip the relevant number of waypoints so that it misses out all of the nadir and jumps straight to the perimeter shots. You change the starting waypoint of the mission to the first perimeter shot and continue to the end of the mission. J.

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Thanks James. I was hoping this may be possible. I will give it a go , cheers mate

Let’s work around! Thanks for sharing.

Hi James
I have just looked into Flight mode - Photo Report- This would be perfect, recommended by support but I went to trial this but when I reopened it - message came up, mode can only be flown on IOS devices, I have android. Does anyone have any other information on this, or a work around

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Another work around is to use litchi to fly the mission, then upload into DD for processing/presentation. Its not as clean and easy on one hand, however on the other hand you can capture more than 16 images vs. DD fly app, you can have multiple POIs if needed vs. one with DD fly app, and more control of camera / gimbal if needed vs. DD fly app. Can you then import more than 16 images into DD for a photo/progress report? Yup. Just make sure you have your camera/litchi set for jpg images and other settings as needed works great. Oh, fwiw, if you know your gps/lat lon info, you can use tool like exif pilot to add to indoor jpg and add to a photo / progress report DD will process them and place at the gps location of the image.


Thanks for this info, I will try this method too. Appreciate you helping


No worries. The DD fly app is ok for some things, however the DD platform can be more fully leveraged sometimes by using other fly apps (e.g. Litchi, pix4d, Autel, etc, etc, etc.).

This guy gets it … and yes you can bring in as many photos as you want but they need to be in the same folder because as soon as you select a group it starts to upload.

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Thks MichaeIL, good point about putting images in common folder when and before uploading. Also if photos/images happen to be on two different days, DD will process them as two different days, reports, unless you update the exiff data to be common.

Does this mean you can combine overhead downward map images with side oblique and other related images when doing a map/model? Yup, as long as they are submitted at same time from common folder, with common date, relevant gps/exiff info.

In some ways, the full capability of the DD back-end processing and presentation platform are fully exploited by the DD fly app, especially depending what device you use. Otoh, the DD back-end processing and presentation platform can be more extensively leveraged using combination of DD fly app, and others such as Litchi, Autel, hand flown, etc…

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We upload images from drones flown outside of DroneDeploy all the time. They have all the camera calibration profiles so the solution is pretty agnostic to drone, just specialized to DJI.

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