PDF Overlay Problem


When overlaying a PDF the initial view is correct, but after resolving to the high resolution the white background comes back and covers the map.

Not sure when it began, but in the couple of weeks.

Happening on the DroneDeploy website on Google Chrome in Incognito Mode.


Have you tried opening the PDF in a third party software and saving or exporting it as a PDF to see if that version works better. Sometimes that helps.

What about trying it in a regular window of Chrome?

You also may want to see if you are running a newer version of Chrome. That may help.


Yes, this is a DWG to PDF straight out of CAD. Also, opened in Bluebeam and “printed” as a PDF. Standard Google Chrome is the same and Chrome keeps up-to-date. PDF’s worked fine before the “showing low resolution” message started appearing.


Hi @MichaelL,

Can you verify that this is happening with multiple/all overlays of PDFs?



Yes, I just went through 4 tests and they all (no matter the size) showed this message beforehand. Almost sure something changed in the processing as even maps that had the PDF attached before look fine, but after adding it again it did it. The original overlay remained fine. I do not recall seeing this before a couple of weeks ago. For now I am just reverting back to PNG’s.



Ok, just one more interesting thing is that I saved the last PDF that didn’t work as a PNG out of Bluebeam and it worked fine. No processing message either.


Hi @MichaelL,

I’ve escalated this to our team for review. Will report back as soon as I hear something.



Hi @MichaelL,

Do you have any PDF overlays you can share so my team can try to reproduce the issue? Feel free to email them to me directly.



All of them. I messaged you a Sharefile link.



Hi @MichaelL,

Our team verified that this is currently a bug and known issue, though I do not have a timeline to share for when it will be resolved. I’ll share an update as soon as I have one. We apologize for the inconveniences this is causing you and your team.



Understood. Let me know when to test.


Looks like the PDF transparency issue has been resolved. If you’re not using vector PDFs you should be.