Pdf annotations reversed

Hi Guys
I am having the same issue with maps with over 10 annotations.
My map has 38 stockpiles and has numbered them randomly.

When will this issue be fixed please.
Basically its labeling the wrong stockpiles with another stockpiles data.

Its completely useless for large stockpile analysis and reporting.


Can anyone help me fix this issue with Firefox please.
Firefox seems to report the correct stockpile number with the correct values, but the numbers in firefox comes up as a broken link image and not the number.

Chrome shows the number but mixes up the stockpile with the incorrect values?

Pop blocker is off in firefox.
Any advice would be appreciated


Hi @Equity,

Can you let me know when your issue began and if all your apps/software are up to date?


Hi Christina

Its always been a problem for me…maybe a few weeks now.
My browsers are up to date and extensions and plugins are also current.

Chrome randomly numbers the stockpiles.
Firefox Keeps it in order, but does not show the numbers on the stock piles.
It shows the borders, but not the number of the stockpile.

So currently I have to export it to a Graphics program and then check the map and create the number and export it as a PDF.
This is becoming a serious pain with 38 stockpiles.

Not sure why Chrome jumbles the order up but firefox displays correctly, but with “broken links” for the stockpile labels

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This is a real pain …it used to work great…now…garbage.
Please see above dialog,as I’ve explained it many times.
About six months ago a, a guy went in and fixed it…worked great,then there was an update.
If I recall…the issue was simply related to adding an integer to the algorithm (as it screws up after 10 annotations)…it’s a great app…when it works…it sure does ruin my monthly presentations…please fix this nightmare…

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Have you tried this in Firefox? does it give you broken links for the Annotation numbers?

I’ll give it a try in an hour…on the road now…ya got me curious…lol…it sure is messing me up…you too I see…back attcha in a bit

Hi all,

Let me escalate this to my team. I’ll report back once I have info to share.


Thanks Guys.
It is such a useful tool and will seriously save me a lot of time and work.
I hope we can get this resolved


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Hi @yukonminer4 and @Equity,

The PDF Annotation report currently numbers based on the creation date of each annotation.

So the first annotation created will be labeled one, the second annotation will be labeled two, and so on.

Please see this video for an example.

Did you use an app like copy annotations to generate your stockpile annotations? It’s possible that app did not create them in the same original order.

If you are seeing something else please give me steps to reproduce your problem and I’ll look into it.


Hi Daniel…it works great for the first 10 piles…(the drone deploy PDF annotation app). After 10 it goes crazy and randomly assigns numbers irregardless of the order selected…thanks

Hi @yukonminer4,

Thank you for your extreme patience! @danielrasmuson was able to reproduce the issue on his end and our team is currently working on providing a fix that will roll out very soon.


Hi @yukonminer4, Thanks for the steps, that was helpful. I just pushed a fix. Could you please test it out and let me if it’s working for you?

Ya got it Daniel…thanks…any idea if it will stay fixed ???..seems to screw up when DD adds a new function or updates…it’s an invaluable app ,when it works, there are work arounds but this app is the backbone of my work…thanks again daniel

Hi @yukonminer4,

Please let us know immediately if things get wonky again. We’re always working on ways to improve our product and escalating any issues you come across is the best way for us to get feedback to build something better.