Pause a flight?

Something that struck us as being a potentially useful addition to the app is the ability to pause/continue a flight whilst in the air.

Our reason for using it would be the ability to pause as a large cloud is crossing the area of interest. We are close to the equator and employ manual camera settings to deal with (usually) very bright light. As and when a large cloud crosses the area of interest it’s not unusual for these images to be VERY dark in comparison.

If not the ability to pause then perhaps the ability to control the shutter speed whilst in flight would be useful?

I think that you can put in P mode in your RC, and it will be on manual, hovering. So you can wait a little, and come back to P when the cloud passed out.

I’m not sure going into manual will then go back into auto.

We are looking at these features you suggest for downstream.

This would be a VERY good feature, as I often experience the same issue as the topic’s author. The ability to pause the drone mid-air, while waiting for a cloud to pass, would be absolutely fantastic and would result in much better imagery and/or much more effective flying!

I agree. A passing cloud can screw a whole mission if on a limited timescale.Screenshot_20180513-150141_Chrome

Exactly! Shouldn’t be that difficult to implement, right?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing your feature request. Our team is aware of it but we don’t have any plans to announce about when or if this feature will be implemented. We’re still a pretty small team here with a lot of big goals so a couple of other tasks have taken priority at this time.


:frowning: that’s a shame…

Well, that example picture looks terrible. The original is much better than the modified one. And this method is also not applicable to multispectral reflection images.

Are you talking about the imagery in the linked post? The one on the application window or the two that were provided further down the post? I’m not sure I follow the multispectral reference as we are talking about RGB imagery.

@JamesC, It looks like we already have an answer to the original question, so I would like to see how a situation like this can be mitigated after the fact. Anything is better than a reshoot! Would it be possible for me to get a copy of your original images so that I can post-process them and rerun the map under our account? I can send you a Sharefile upload request?


And to think my employer asked me just this week to clear the server of the thousands of what he conceives are redundant drone images. Of course you can.

One question I have (albeit not related to thread), can the images ever be recovered from DD should I delete them at my end? When you place a spot location on the processed map, it provides the ability to view a full res copy of some of the original images so presumably they are stored?

I’m not sure of the hoops we would have to jump through, but as long as you uploaded at the highest quality and not turbo then the full resolution images should be somewhere. Good question, because after a year I have just surpassed 2TB and that obviously cannot go on for infinity. At some point do I hit a threshold with DroneDeploy? @Christina

Send me a link @MichaelL and I’ll get the images uploaded on Monday when I’m next in the office. J.