Pasture Fence line mapping

Just started trying out drone deploy. My goal is to map 300 acres of pasture fence line only. Maybe a 100foot wide (or so) boundary flight.
If thats possible the end goal is to be able to fly it on a regular basis looking for fence problems(trees down,etc)

sorta more like a survey map I think maybe? so maybe a different sw package.

Is this possible or am I dreaming:)?


Hi Mike! Welcome to the forum. You can definitely map the area with the normal snake pattern and be able to identify the fence lines. If you are only concerned with the fences I would suggest a corridor map or series of maps if it will take the drone out of Visual Line of Sight. If you bringing the corridor width down to 50ft it will change the path from two lanes to one as shown below. This value may changing depending on your altitude. At 200ft it will capture about 300ft in width and a little over 200ft in depth.