Part of my crosshatch outline disappears when I start flight

Not sure why this is happening and I can’t figure out how to solve the problem. I’m doing a flight with crosshatch and perimeter 3D. I’m attaching pics to show you what I mean. In the one pic you see the outline looks good before I start the flight but once I start the flight half of the crosshatch pattern and the perimeter disappears from the flight outline as you can see in the other pic. I’ve redrawn the map, started a new project, messed with other settings, but every time I get this same issue when I tap to start the flight. Any ideas?

Looks to me like the flight plan is truncated because of the waypoint limit. It think it is still 99 points. Once you swap batteries it will show the rest.

Oh ok, thanks. It just didn’t look like 99 way points to me and I did a similar size flight the other week without this issue. I’ll try it again.

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Yeah, just counting lanes I only see about 45-50 waypoints but I don’t know what others may be added by DD for other purposes. I see the 47min estimated duration so that seems about right where it breaks for us too.

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When you flew the mission, did it complete all the segments?

I’ve noticed that once you go into the Fly mode, the mapping grid gets all messed up and doesn’t represent the paths to be flown.

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I didn’t actually fly it yet because I thought it wasn’t going to fly the whole path. I wanted to troubleshoot first. I’ll try it tomorrow and report back.

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Hi there - I’ve had this issue numerous times, as I fly over very big fields and usually have lots of waypoints - the way things go with my flights is: when uploading the flight plan to the drone, the app uploads the first 99 waypoints and starts the mission. While flying, the add uploads more waypoints, when the first batch have been completed. End result is the whole mission is flown correctly. Only downside to this is, if you loose connection mid-flight and then reconnect at a later point, because the drone hasn’t relayed back the completed waypoints, while flying with no connection to the controller, you might end up with a little confusion as to what waypoints should be deleted, when uploading the next batch. But… These types of flight plans usually involve more than one battery, so once you’ve landed and continue with the new battery, the app will load the corresponding batch of remaining WP anyways…

Hope this helps and you understand what I mean.