Parrot Disco Support

Curious if anyone has asked about direct support for the Parrot Disco fixed wing UAV. At 80 km/h and a flight time of 45 minutes, it would seem to be ideal for large area surveys, especially in agriculture and other large-area GIS applications. Any word on if this is anywhere on the roadmap?


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hi @wlgaddy - We don’t have current plans to support this for flight automation- any updates would be posted on our blog/compatibility site.

However, if the imagery is geotagged, it can be uploaded to our website for processing.

Ok I think I understand. So I would just create a “virtual” flight plan, execute the flight manually with the Disco, and then upload the gotagged photos?



Right! You would fly with either the mission planning software that accompanies the Parrot, or manually, and then upload the dataset for processing.

Add my +1 for disco support. Just picked one up to extend the fleet would love to be able to use the one app to undertake flight planning.

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Add my +1 for disco support. I am working on making Search and Rescue more affordable and mapping with the Disco is one way to do that in a big way. I love your software with my Mavic Pro, so it makes sense that I would want to use you guys with my disco as well.They are relatively open about their api, and you would be the first I know of to provide a good well rounded offering, for fixed wing mapping, for prosumers.

+1 i’d really like to Fly large areas with the parrot disco

I don’t think there are any current plans to support the Parrot Disco.