Panos with Prop distortion M2P

Hello all,

has anyone had any issues with prop distortion?

I noticed when capturing back to back Panos (without landing the drone) the gimbal starts yawing more to the left. which results in the propeller appearing in the images. Each pano consists of 26 images usually, the last 4-5 pictures (level flight) were it happens.

this does not happen when I land the drone shut off and relaunch for each individual Pano.

Enterprise user: also seems other fleet pilots are having the same issue.

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Is it just in pano that you notice the yaw is off? Is it progressively getting worse as it continues to rotate right?

That is correct to both.
Customer support got back to me yesterday, seems like its a programming issue. Still waiting to be resolved.

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It will be interesting to hear what “programming” has to do with it. Have you notice any similar rotation when mapping on a straight line? I have this, but have not seen it on panos.

Tell me about it. I been at this since May :roll_eyes:
Mapping works perfectly fine. Just when I try to do consecutive panos.

check it out.


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Thanks for verifying. There are a couple of issues with gimbal/aircraft yaw floating around for different models so I’m just trying to see if any of them can be related. We fly Phantom 4 Pro’s, but I have also seena couple of reports from M2P pilots on mapping image rotation.

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I’m curious now, I wonder if I try one our P4P or M2Z will it do the same.

Our P4P may be doing it, but it may not be noticeable because of the form factor. The Mavics are much lower profile and the gear is much more in line with the gimbal.

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I have experienced this on 2 of my last 3 flights. Never experienced it before that. I get the propellers in the pic from pic 16 - 23. Always the left one. This was even landing after each Pano. The reason I land after each flight is because if I try to do another one without landing I lose the camera view for whatever reason. To clear this up I land, shut everything down and restart, then I have no problems, that was until the blades started showing up in the Pano’s.

Before my last flight I did the software update that just came out and re-calibrated my Gimbal. To my surprise the last flight had no motion blur from the props being in the shots!! The software update did mention that it fixed a known problem of the gimbal not re-centering correctly during startup. That’s the only thing I can think of to why the blades didn’t show up in the last Pano’s I did.


Sounds like they fixed the issue thanks for the heads up. I shall test fly it tomorrow. Curious,what version you on?

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The DD app says 4.9.0 and the DJI Firmware is v01.00.0 6 7 0
DJI GO 4 App iOS: v4.3 3 7

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looks like the new Update fixed the issue.