Panoramas - Question

Apologies if this is a dumb question and I haven’t dug deep enough, but, having taken 26 images, uploaded them and viewed the fabulous results, online, is there a way to download the same image for sharing via clients and friends. The URL associated with the online image is huge and would be enough to frighten any client or to place in a web site.

Hyperlinks in an HTML email, or Bitly work well

Thanks Mjesse… Bitly works very well and I have tested and used it successfully on WhatsApp and email. I have just tried a test with facebook and DD seem to sneak in a strapline to advertise themselves on my posts. It’s not what I pay DD £2000 a year for. And I’ve still not had a reply from DD as to why I cant have the pano as a finished article and my projects dashboard has been a mess since I’ve used it!!


And yes I did upload the photos. Have you seen anything like this?

I think that’s Facebook that added the DroneDeploy since the link is a Bitly

That’s a good point GregO and as it’s Facebook probably true :blush: Any way of getting the actual 360 jpg? I’d like to drop it into a website I think it would make a great splash page.

Thanks :sunglasses:

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Any feedback on how to get the actual ‘360’ jpg image from the servers into a web page for example?

Many thanks