Panorama image distortion

I took a panoramic picture through the dji go 4 application.
After the image registration processing was completed in the Dronedeploy, I noticed that the vertical line of the building was distorted.
When the drone was shooting a panorama, the wind was blowing a bit, but not a lot, but I’d like to know if it affected the quality of the panorama image.
If not, please let me know what the reason is. (link :

Try it in Microsoft ICE and see if it does the same thing. Litchi is the best for panos because of their offsetting process, but DroneDeploy is pretty good. Is there a reason you used DJI?

I would have used the panorama function in the Dronedeploy if there was a previously processed orthomosaic.
But I had to take a panoramic picture for the first time in this project without a orthomosaic.
I can set the panorama shooting function in the Dronedeploy FLY menu.
However, since the background map is a Google map, the location information is not correct.
So I used the dji go 4 app after taking off manually by setting the location directly in the field.

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You can do that in DroneDeploy with manual flight.