P4Pro running DD mission, took off ...drone gone!

RUnning the most recent version of DD on an apple pad. Battery freshly charged. Drone operating perfectly. Had several flights earlier in the week. Have flown scores of missions with no problems.

I started everything as usual. Waited for all of the check marks to clear, home point updated, and then took off. First thing I noticed is that it was going towards the back of the building away from what I thought was the starting point. I figured ok maybe it will start there instead. I kept looking at the screen and noticed it kept going out over the ocean in kind a zig zag pattern. It looked like it was maybe 200 feet out over the ocean and 300 feet from me. So not that far away. I immediately hit RTH and it said it was. I could no longer see it and nothing was moving on the screen. EVerything was frozen. I continued to hit RTH, but nothing. The last view was of the water with the camera facing down. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? We waited for it to RTH with a low battery. NOTHING,

Hi @DroneboyBill,

I’m so sorry to hear that this happened! I’m here to help figure out what happened here.

Please can you file a support ticket with support@dronedeploy.com we can get you into the system and don’t lose track of your issue, and from there we’ll launch a full investigation once we have your DD username and flight information.


Will send it in now.

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