P4P v2.0 Saving a Flight pattern with Auto Photos

First time question. Does the P4P v2.0 with built in screen on controller have the ability to program a flight over a grid, then have the camera take pictures at programmed intervals? I am hoping to set up a flight path, have the camera take pics every 50 to 100 feet, and fly the exact same path approximately weekly to monitor progress of an approximate 75 acre construction project.

Hey @DLo!

As for taking pictures at programmed intervals, DroneDeploy does not currently support this feature because it would not be the optimal way to produce an image set that is conducive for a map to be stitched. Using parameters such as altitude or overlap does affect the picture interval. For example, assuming the same image count, the higher you fly, the bigger the space is between photos. The more overlap, the closer the photos will be. But, if you want to capture the progress of specific areas within your map you actually might want to look into the Progress Report Feature.

As for using the same Flight Plan over again, you may certainly copy a flight plan of an existing map, save it, and rerun it again with your drone if you want to compare progress.

We do support the Phantom 4 Pro+ V2.0, just not currently with the built-in screen on the controller. You can however just unplug that screen and replace it with a iOS supported device.

Hope this was helpful :slight_smile:

You might be able to quantify and adapt the autonomous flight plan to your needs by adjusting the frontlap until it takes pictures at the intervals you want. It would be trial and error for a few flights until you got it.

The Pro+ is not supported, but you can use DJI to setup a timed interval shutter fire and adjust your speed. Once you’ve processed DroneDeploy can tell you what it thinks your overlaps were.