P4P V2.0 Legit?

I bought a P4P V2.0 from Amazon and everything looked great. I signed up for DJI refresh at activation and packaging was OEM as far as I could tell. One thing. I don’t remember seeing these cards before. It came with it installed. You? Are they any good?

Looks like a normal sd card for me. Maybe a bit slow but cheap :slight_smile: give it a try :+1:t2:

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I am more interested in how it got there. I have purchased P4P’s and they all came with cheap black 16gb cards so it surprised me when I pulled this out. Doesn’t seem like something that would come from the factory.

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Hi Michael,

If your P4P was produced in the last couple of months then that card could be a sign of the times and the ensuing shortages.

Regardless of how it ended up in your P4P the main thing is it shouldn’t stay there. I would not use anything less than a card rated at U3 and preferably V30. And since the vendors have been known to tell porkies - I always test any cards I buy by dropping large files on to them and reading them back to get a good idea of the real write and read performance. After spending thousands on a drone it makes no sense to use cheap cards and risk dropped frames and lost files.

Looking at your picture of the MicroSD I think the text doesn’t look very crisp. I have been burned twice in the past with 128Gb versions of those cards that have had laughable write performance which dips up and down since they can’t sustain even a miserable write speed. Beware that there are lots of faked SD cards on the market.

All the best, Martin


Thanks Martin, and totally agree. That card went immediately into the “other” bin. :slight_smile: