P4P+ v2.0 display

To confirm compatibility of the drone itself.

If I have the P4P+ 2.0 drone paired to the non built in display RC will DD work?

I have the RC with the built in display now but I’m in search of the GL300L RC (without display for my P4P+ 2.0) currently to use with my drone with the assumption that DD will work with that RC and my iPad pro and latest DD app version.

Is this a correct assumption? The GL300L RC is a on back order and not in stock so I wanted to be certain before I buy one when I come across one that this setup would work.

Thanks in advance.

The P4 with the integrated screen currently does not allow DD to be installed (thanks DJI for that). You can however fly missions using DJI Terra via a USB Type C cable and once you get all the photos you can use DD to process the Map for you, this is how I have to do it.

This process works great, I’ve been using the DJI Terra software for a month now (since the release) and it is the best option at the moment for integrated screens pilots.

If you get a regular P4 controller (non integrated screen) then you can use your tablet/phone/computer to fly the missions.

Thankyou for your suggestion, this is really the only work around i have found using the P4P+ (fixed screen)

Here is my issue, DJI terra seems to be resource hungry and i dont think my laptop would run it as it needs to be connected to the controller whilst flying.

so instead of upgrading a Laptop, i could just get a second controller and use an ipad with DD direct… thoughts ?