P4P+ support - Can DD be loaded on the new monitor from DJI?

Hello. Could anyone tell me if Drone Deploy can be loaded on the new monitor the Phantom 4 Pro Plus has on it? I’m seeing conflicting reports and want to get it ordered. But I also want to use DD extensively on the new monitor the plus has on it. Thank you.

I was told “no” on the the DJI forum.

That seems odd. I’m hoping that will change. I’d love to get the plus but I want to use it with DD.

Yeah, I agree. Thats why I didn’t buy the Plus. A link to that thread http://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&ptid=72163&pid=569697&fromuid=423585

Wait and see how things are when DJI gets around to releasing the SDK for the P4pro and DD makes a compatible version of their app.
Maybe it will be possible to load and maybe not.
Otherwise wait till DJI release their two stand alone crystalsky tablets which will also allow for daylight viewing.

I got the phantom 4 Pro Plus and NO you can not load it on included monitor, when I called DJI they said they have no plans to allow it. For that reason I can not load any apps.
I am also having problems keeping the quad software loaded. it seams to always want an update. and a 10 minute flight did not get recorded.