P4P fly away while DD mission


My drone flies in one direction when flying with the Drone deploy mission. The drone flew out of control at an altitude of 96 m. Even though the mission’s altitude is 200 m. From log flight data, it was recorded that the GPS lock was error just before the drone was lost.

Any Sugggestion?
Big thanks.


So the nose is always pointed in the same direction? Headless?


@MichaelL yess. The nose always pointed in the same direction.
the drone is increasing its height towards 200 m. At an altitude of 96 m, the drone gps lock error. then the drone moves to one point and loses contact.
Do you have a solution?


I had fly away yesterday myself… came here looking for answers.


Try emailing support@dronedeploy.com with some details and be prepared to provide log files if needed.