P4P fall in the half of the mission

Summary of Issue: P4P fall in the half of the mission

Date Issue Began: 4th July 2018

Drone Model: Phantom 4 Pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version: i pad mini 4 and IOS 10.3.2

DroneDeploy App Version: 2.64.0

Thank you for reaching out to let us know about this situation. We take these situations incredibly seriously, as our success depends on yours. A crashed/missing drone is never a pleasant experience and I want you to ensure you that we will provide our best support in order to assist you.

Could you please let me know the map name this drone crash/fly away occurred on? Being able to view the flight logs will allow me to further analyze your crash/fly away.

Thank you @Agung_Widcha

Hi Yusuf,

Thanks for your respon.
Last time i using DD my drone was fallen at the rooftop.
It is not like my drone lost power and then fall. I see clearly it try
to hover but failed.
I check the log file, there is interference with the signal. From
Chase explanation in the forum, my drone should be activate the fail
save when it lost the signal.
The wind so calm even thin cloud can not move.
Do you have any suggestion, because I am not allowed to fly my other
drone until i found the problem.

How I attach my log?


Hello @Agung_Widcha I will go ahead and send you a personal message with a follow up.