P4P Camera not pointing down, horizon pictures only

Flew several corn and barley fields today after a long, frustrating firmware update on aircraft and Tx from DJI. Missions completed as I had input them into DD. No problems during flight, all systems seems to be operating as normal. Looked through images prior to uploading…all of them are of horizon. No down photos of the fields. Just nice landscape photos. Others with this same issue? Ideas on how to resolve? I have read that many people are having issues after this latest DJI firmware update in general, but nothing specific to DD.

how much time P4P required for charge?

HI, I’ve flown dozens of flights with my P4P and haven’t had that issue. I am using an iPad Air 2.
I would suggest recycling power on everything including your mobile device to clear out possible conflicts.
Also uninstall and reinstall the app.
Is your firmware current on the drone and controller?
If you have a problem after it takes off and you bring it back to recycle power, it is best to copy the flight plan and start fresh.

The P4P requires about 1.25 hours to charge.

Thanks for the comment. I am also using an iPad Air 2 and this is the first issue I have encountered. I had powered everything down between flights. Had the same issue with all fields.

However, I had a notification when I opened DJI Go app this morning that my firmware was incompatible. On its own, it went through another firmware update both on the aircraft and Tx, and that seems to have went smoothly and all shows up-to-date etc. I reset camera settings, cleared photo and video cache, and updated DD App that just showed up this morning as well. Going out now to test fly a field to see what happens…

Test flight worked. Issue seems to be resolved.
I believe this issue was a DJI Go problem with the firmware update. Has anyone had issues with these updates recently from DJI? Mine have all been a bit of a headache.

Going back to customers fields to try again.

Since latest update I noticed that camera no longer automatically points down at 90 degrees during DD flights. (A good feature, since don’t always want it pointing down, but DD could you have told me that before I wasted my time on a 40 hectare flight?) Everytime I bring it in to change batteries and take off again, I need to manually point the camera to 90 degrees. DD what is the nature of this feature change and can 90’ angle be automated?