P4 Pro - no photos taken on first flight

I just ran 2 small tests. Both flew fine with no errors but the first one didn’t take any pictures. After the P4P came back I sent it out on the 2nd test. My process was…

  1. start the controller
  2. start the DJI Go 4 app
  3. start the P4P
  4. adjust my manual camera settings for the cloudy day
  5. start the Drone Deploy app
  6. initiate test 1
  7. P4P completes test 1 and lands (no pictures taken)
  8. initiate test 2
  9. P4P completes test 2 and lands (pictures successfully taken)

Any ideas what happened on test 1?

The P4 Pro is using a new method provided by DJI to ideally provide more reliable photo capture. It has ended up not being 100% reliable. We are going to combine this approach with our approach for other drones to hopefully make the P4 Pro the most reliable when it comes to capturing images. The other drones will also have this feature when they update their flight controller firmwares.