P4 + NVIDIA Shield - DD App updated - Does nothing at start

Am I doing something wrong? Before latest app update, my app would hang at “waiting to connect” msg. Now, the app loads up, I create an area to survey, and when I’m ready to fly, I click on the blue circle checkmark and nothing happens.
I’ve noticed that in the aircraft options it only has the Inspire 1, which I don’t have.
Is there any way to change the aircraft I’m flying to the P4???

If you were stuck at waiting to connect, it will be hard to successfully connect a drone in the new UI as well. Waiting to connect meant we were receiving no data from
The drone over the USB. We are looking into ways to provide more info but in a lot of cases we don’t have any.

Are you on android or iOS?

Also if you have the latest app and you’re drone isn’t connected. It should tell you “your plan was saved. Connect a drone to fly.” After you plan.