P4 Checklist before flight possibly not self checking?

Hi all

First post here and first short test flight with DD. I’m using a P4, latest firmware and latest version of DD, with an IPad 4 mini. I setup the mission for offline flight and it all showed up fine with the background mapping and flight path. Home point was set OK and the test photo taken. I was expecting to see a bunch of ticks against the Checklist, but these never showed up after waiting a couple of minutes. The green plane symbol seemed to suggest all was OK and I could see from the indicator lights that gps lock was OK so I figured it was fine for takeoff. The mission flew perfectly !

Am I supposed to see ticks against the Checklist in the latest version of the app or do these not appear now and you just get a green plane symbol showing all is OK instead ?


Hi @markwalters - sorry for the confusion. The icons for the checklist do not always show up offline, because they are reliant on a connection rather than stored locally on the app. We’ll be changing this for clarity going forward.

Thanks for the clarification - good to know it is safe to run without the check ticks appearing.

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I had noticed this too recently with a P3Pro. Used to get the checks for everything but didn’t recently. Everything operated as expected.

Sorry about that @mbrassette- hopefully the upcoming updates to the app will take care of this. Regardless, the drone should not let you take off if it’s not ok to, even if the icons don’t come up.