P4 and P4P+ V2.0 RC

I know this is not your issue but can any tell if I can pair my Phantom 4 RC with my Phantom 4 Pro Plus V2.0 aircraft???

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I don’t believe so. The V2 uses a different video transmission system called Occusync instead of LightBridge.

Thank you MichaeIL

But can I link the P4P RC to the P4P+ drone??

I think I heard of someone pairing a P4 remote to a P4P+ system. I don’t know about the v2.0 though. Try binding it.

I tried binding my P4 RC with the P4P+ V2.0 but to no avail


I think you might be out of luck.

I operate my P4P+ with a P4P RC. No problems. I do NOT have a v2.0 P4P.

The P4 pro uses Lightbridge.
The Pr pro V2.0 uses Ocusynch.
They are not compatible.

You can link an ordinary P4pro controller to a P4 pro+ aircraft and vice-versa as the aircraft are identical.
The same goes for the V2.0 machines but you can’t mix an earlier P4 pro and a V2.0.

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Thank Meta4
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