P3P with Error 221

Initialy we had “test photo camera error”, after we tried to start the mission but it wouldn’t commence.
We restarted the P3P and the android S6 EDGE with android 6.0.
We started the mission again, this time it started successfully but 2 minutes we get error code 221???, I ignored the message and resumed with the mission. After 1 minute DD crashed but the P3P resumed following flight plan, but since I didn’t received any telemetry from P3P I have pushed RTH. The P3P has returned successfully, but hasn’t acquired any photos during flight.
Firmware on P3P is version 1.6.0040 and DJI GO on S6 EDGE is 2.7.
Any thoughts??

It’s weird that you would see that error after you took off. It is referring to trying to fly across a no fly zone so usually it will just prevent you from taking off.

I was not close “no flight” zones, in fact I was in the middle of nowhere, on top of the hill. Now I’m back to version 2.6.1 DJI GO, will it solve the problem, because with this version never had a problem?

This was my flight plan.
43.4383 N, 17.1150 E